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Why build with

Production-ready Apps

AI coding partner understands your requirements, analyses your code base, establishes context and generates code along with suggestions to build fully functional production-ready apps all with Natural Language.

Reduce Code Liability

Any code generated on the platform including code by AI is validated and maintained by This reduces the code liability and maintenance overhead.

Optimized Developer Workflows

Context based code generation, code explanations, automated documentation, test case creation, automated deployments and proactive monitoring help developers speed up the development process.


See what can do for you

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI Assisted Development

AI coding partner helps developers to generate code snippets or fully functional applications.

Identifies potential bugs, security vulnerabilities and provides suggestions for code improvements.

Developer eXperience (DX)

Intelligent Workspaces

AI managed cloud based workspaces automate developer workflows like pull requests, static code analysis, running test cases and deployment to environments.

Utilize pre-configured VS Code IDE or bring your own IDE to seamlessly work on your code

Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Data, Content and BFF

Automatically generate REST, GraphQL , OData and gRPC APIs based on entity definitions without any coding.

Content APIs allow you to store Headless Content (CMS), image transformations and video transformations seamlessly.

Backend for Frontend (BFF) allows developers to perform API stitching through AI assisted configurations.

DevSecOps & SREs

Zero Ops Environments

AI assisted one click deployments can be executed through declarative definitions of environments and can handle simple(single container) to complex(Kubernetes) deployments.

AI managed anomaly detection of infrastructure to identify performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, auto scaling and self-healing.

Thoughtful AI

Enterprise AI

Our scalable LLM gateway allows you to interact with multiple multi-modal foundational models to quickly develop LLM based applications.

Private models trained/tuned on proprietary enterprise data in a declarative format without coding.

Natural Language chatbots can be created utilizing private and foundational models to provide conversational interfaces.


Intelligent API Integrations and Workflows

AI Integration engine generates API integrations by consuming external documentation, Open API or RAML spec. Integrations can be simple like APIs only or complex with data storage and pipelines.

Building Blocks

How is different?

Fully functional complete code

AI coding partner generates fully functional production ready code thereby saving developers time instead of stitching together solutions from code snippets in other copilots.

Deterministic code

Narrow AI agents are trained to perform specific tasks in defined formats, ensuring deterministic code generation with minimal hallucinations.

Low Code Maintenance

The platform's AI maintains the code generated or written by developers, thereby reducing the burden on the developers.

No Vendor Lock-in doesn't impose proprietary formats on developers; most code on the platform can be written using YAML configurations, with customizations achievable using JavaScript.

Pro Code

Integrate your own code and frontend frameworks with the code generated on the platform. The AI coding assistant maintains all definitions of external code and informs about code changes.

Supply Chain Security

External dependencies are accessed through Package Registries with white-listed packages and versions, reducing the risk of external security attacks.

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